Austin, TX (Part 1)
September 22, 2017

Currently listening to: “Undertaker” by The Moondoggies

NOTE: I’m trying to write more frequently for a few reasons: (1) I want to be a more skillful writer, (2) I want to do more gratitude journaling, and (3) I want to test and improve vf-blog.

So, I’m in Austin for the Texas Tribune Festival. I’m excited to see live recordings of Black on the Air and With Friends Like These. We had hoped to hear Al Franken’s keynote address tonight, but my wife had to work late enough in the day that we didn’t make it into downtown Austin until probably half-way through Franken’s address. We tangled with traffic for a while, failed to find any parking, and finally decided just to head on over to the hotel.

You don’t care about all of that stuff. Honestly, I’m not even really sure why I’m writing it down other than that I’ve got this vague notion that if I write more, then I’ll be a better writer, and that maybe there’ll be some pearl of wisdom that’ll accidentally slip out and then return to help me later when I read back over this post.

But since I don’t have much to tell, I’ll just add one or two more quick things. I was really low today, emotionally speaking. I’m wondering if I’m suffering from some kind of depression. From the outside, that makes no sense: life is going well right now. I enjoy my work, my relationships are strong, I have a sufficient amount of money (though I wouldn’t mind more), and I’m not sick. But I just keep having really sweeping mood swings. One moment, I’m ecstatic; the next, I’m in the dumps; the one after that, I feel sappy and sentimental; the one after that, I feel like crying about nothing at all. Yeah, the more I write about it, the more it sounds like depression. Sigh. Well, maybe I’ll have more to report tomorrow after we go to some festival events. Laters.