Goodbye, Niamelle
March 30, 2019

So, a few months ago, I built a set of tools called Niamelle. But I’ve decided to shutter the project because I just wasn’t using it any more. I’m a believer in using your own tools, and I realized that the fact that I wasn’t using it must mean that it wasn’t very useful. It was a good learning experience, but it just had too many flaws, and I wanted it to be too many things. In the future, I think I’ll try harder to build tools that only do one thing well.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking for a place to take notes, a (perhaps separate) place to keep to-do lists, and a place to keep links. I know that there are already plenty of tools that do those things, but I want to find good, cross-platform, privacy-focused FOSS tools, if possible.

I’m still proud of the work I did on Direbase and FileDB; those are probably tools that I’ll continue to use in the future. Anyway, that’s all for now. Later!