January 18, 2018

Hey, everyone! I made a little note-taking tool called Notes.

I made it because I could only find about three good options for note-taking: a text editor, Google Drive, or SimpleNote. (There are almost certainly other options out there, but those were the three that I used most frequently.) A text editor, of course, doesn’t give me the easy option of synching my notes across devices. Google Drive solves that problem by being in “the cloud,” but it feels, well, too large for simple note-taking; I didn’t like having to create a new document for each note, and I didn’t like having a single document for all of my notes. SimpleNote is okay, but their Linux build is buggy, and I loathe the Ubuntu font. So, I built my own tool! (Full disclosure: I also listened to the most recent episode of the Checkpoints podcast in which the amazing Devine Lu Linvega described his life and process. He talked about how he always builds his own tools when he can’t find one that he likes, which gave additional inspiration to this project.)

I might give it a more original name someday, but for now, Notes it is! Notes is built on Vue, Firebase, and Quill.