Pi Server
August 20, 2018

UPDATE #3: I chickened out and went back to Digital Ocean. I liked the idea of running my own physical server, but I was super nervous about getting the security bits wrong. I really didn’t like doing the port forwarding stuff on my home router; I was never quite sure that I got it all right. Also, VPSes are nice because it’s super easy to just erase and restart if I fork stuff up. So, yeah. You’re looking at a DO droplet right now.

UPDATE #2: It’s all fixed now! As long as our ISP doesn’t crap out again, my websites will all be running on the Pi!

UPDATE #1: Just when I thought that things were all nice and tidy, our ISP had two outages in three days. Although I suppose I could use a CDN to mitigate the problem, I decided that it’d probably be easier to move back to DigitalOcean temporarily. So, that’s where things are for the moment. I’ll keep working on it. Makes me hope even harder that Dat becomes commonplace!

I was originally running this site and my book site on a DigitalOcean Droplet, but I’ve now migrated everything over to a Raspberry Pi! Neato!